HEALING AFTER NARCISSISTIC ABUSE-Inner child healingReclaim your true self and rebuild your inner foundation

Each purchase of this course, comes with a complementary 30 min coaching session with me.

This course was created to enable those of you trying to heal from parental narcissistic abuse, to live a better and more emotionally ‘healthy’ life. Healing after abuse can be a very painful journey to be on and it is one that I myself have had life experience with. I want this journey to be much easier and less time consuming for you! It is my greatest hope that the inner child healing tools in this course will enable you to do the following:

  1. Will help you learn safe ways to cope with your emotions 
  2. Will help you discover your true self without your old programming
  3. Will give you the tools you need to safely grieve your losses from childhood and learn to relate to those losses differently in the future
  4. Will help your learn to be self-compassionate, especially in moments of weakness
  5. Will help you cope better in life without addictive or destructive behaviours
  6. Will teach you grounding techniques to help you emotionally regulate yourself

The exercises in this course can be worked through at your own pace, and can be repeated if necessary. The course is in PDF format and is approximately 38 pages long.

Healing after narcissistic abuse

A course to help you reclaim your authentic self and live in a healthy way


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