Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is becoming increasingly accepted in the field of Psychology. As someone who lives with this disorder myself, I decided to create a helpful guide for those of you currently in a relationship.

This e-book/guide is aimed at providing you with support as you navigate a relationship where trauma is present. This guide is helpful for both the traumatised and non-traumatised.

It gives a little bit of background on what causes trauma, specifically in childhood and explains CPTSD in more detail. It provides easy-to-read tips on how to deal with triggers for both the traumatised and the partner. Partners of those who live with CPTSD tend to feel isolated and helpless at times, so the last section of this e-book is written for them in particular.

Once you make payment, the e-book will be emailed to you directly.

Dealing with CPTSD in relationships

A helpful guide for both partners


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