”Dear Athina, I have to say your coaching emails have helped me a lot with coming to terms with the fact that my parents just aren’t who and what parents should be. I am feeling much better about the decisions I’ve made concerning them. You seem to always find just the right words to express what I have experienced. It feels so good to be understood and to know that I’m not alone in this. For years and years I used to think that there must be something wrong with ME when it really was all about them. You have been a wonderful coach – you have helped me so much more in a short period of time than both my therapists did in years!”


“Athina has been a wonderful part of my self discovery and healing journey related to my adverse childhood experiences and relationship with my mom. Her gentle and welcoming presence, along with her knowledge and practical tools helped in building the momentum I needed in my healing and growth journey.”


“Athina, thank you so much for our coaching session. I felt that you really understood the impossible situation I am in. You have also made me focus on mainly looking after myself going forward and trying not to feel guilty for a situation that is all my mother’s making”.


”Your information that I have read so far joined many dots, cleared much confusion and has helped me gain better clarity. Keep up your online and offline efforts, you are helping many many people who are really suffering and need some hope moving forward”.

Matthew Alexander Woodford

Athina, thank you so much for all your support and gentle guidance in our coaching sessions. You have supported me in completely changing my life around from being extremely avoidant and fearful of everything, to finally enjoying life and being true to myself! Your Cognitive Behavioural worksheets really enabled me to create new healthy habits in my life. Although I still live with CPTSD, my quality of life has improved substantially and I will be forever grateful!


”You brought me to tears. You are an amazing and insightful human being, bless you!”- Youtube subscriber 

”Thank you for explaining how insidious it is to be raised in a toxic environment where narcissism rules.”  

Sonya Flowers

”Thank you so much for your videos. So nice to know I’m not alone (or crazy or being overdramatic). Your videos have really helped me understand myself and help me not blame myself so much.” 

Leslie Elizabeth

”Your videos are so very validating, thank you!!!!” Michelle Cashill

”Thank you so much for your videos. They do help me a lot.” Leslie Degnan

”You’re an awesome lady, I really really appreciate your advice”. Heidi Medrano

”Thank you for your blessing and kind guidance” Efrat, Israel

”Thanks for helping me see a proper perspective of what I’ve gone through and that I wasn’t crazy’

Sabrina Prior

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