All coaching is offered in a safe, validating way and I always practice Unconditional Posititive Regard towards my coachees. I believe it is exremely important to believe in each person’s potential to change and to encourage this through coaching conversation.

The coaching I offer focuses on personal coaching (life-coaching), especially in the areas of overcoming dysfunctional relationships, dealing with anxiety and dealing with a special needs family member whilst always encouraging self-compassion and self-care.

I work with each person to help them change any self-defeating behaviours that may be stopping them from reaching their goals and also assist them in pinpointing any unhelpful thinking that may be influencing their behaviour.

I work in accordance to the Code of Ethics as outlined on the BACP Website and I practice confidentiality at all times.

I completed a course with the Centre for coaching which is approved by the British Psychological society.

I am happy to adjust my coaching to whatever the coachee prefers. Some coachees are very busy, therefore prefer skype or telephone coaching. Other clients might suffer with social anxiety therefore email coaching is preferred.

How coaching works

At the beginning we will have a free assessment session over the phone or in your preferred way of contact, so we can identify the area you would like to work on and I can provide information on how I work. This assessment is usually around 15-20min.

We will agree on a number of sessions and make sure that you are committed to making the changes needed to reach your goal.

I aspire to always treat people in a respectful & empathetic manner and will do my best to support my coachees, as far as coaching will allow me to. I will make referrals as appropriate, if I suspect the client is in emotional distress.

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