HSP-The Highly Sensitive Person



People who are highly sensitive are born that way; it is not something that is learned.

The scientific term for high sensitivity is “sensory-processing sensitivity” (SPS).

Highly sensitive people have the following traits:

  • They feel more deeply.
  • They’re more emotionally reactive.
  • They’re probably used to hearing “Why are you so sensitive?”
  • Highly sensitive people are introverts but 30% of HSP’s are extroverts.
  • They’re more prone to anxiety or depression
  • That annoying sound is probably significantly more annoying to a highly sensitive person
  • They cry more easily and are deeply empathetic to other people’s emotions.
  • Highly sensitive people have reactions to criticism that are more intense than less sensitive people
  • They’re crushed by bad decisions
  • They take longer to reach decisions
  • They are highly conscientious
  • They tend to be highly intuitive & can tell when someone they care about is upset
  • They are incredibly observant
  • They can be easily overwhelmed by bright lights, too much noise, big crowds, strong smells or uncomfortable clothing.

Do you think you might be a highly sensitive person?

If yes, then the following website may be of use to you!


Love Athina ♥♥

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20 thoughts on “HSP-The Highly Sensitive Person”

      1. i am the way i am just like popeye. the thing is living with an aspbegers. and in being told i m so weird. as to your child. you too may have to abandon he or she


      2. i was not abandoned athina. rather i was unwanted. my mum was 48 and dad was 63. they made love and i was the result! surprise! i had to let go of my oldest son tho. a toxic situation. i salute you for not only shedding your da but having the courage to help others. i salute you!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. How sad. Sounds like they are so easily overwhelmed.

    Questions: in all seriousness, fo they even *want* to get better? Or feel better? Or to not be annoyed by so many things? To have less anxiety? To feel more confident? To agonize less over decisions? Or—

    Do they just *Accept” the way they are and 7 yrs. from now they will be struggling just as much as ever? Or is this amplified feeling somehow a “badge-if-honor” and the latest pop-psych fad? I really want to know.

    Sigh. Somebody had to say it….

    #Psychology #Fads #Ailments #PersonalityTypes


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