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I am currently on holiday in Greece and unfortunately I have also caught my husband’s virus..I am not feeling up to writing proper blog posts, so I thought I would re-blog a few excellent posts from blogs I follow! 🙂 Have a great Sunday dear readers! ❤

It's Me Saraa

What’s up with the “ I’ll do it on Monday” or the  “ Next month I’ll start going to the gym” or “I’ll call him tomorrow”

We all know –and I mean ALL OF US- know that Monday, next month, tomorrow, are just our living lies.

We never seem to start out diet on Monday, we never seem to go to the gym at the start of next month, we never seem to call our friend and hang out tomorrow.. we never do the things we wanna do when we post-pone them.

So to this issue.. I say ENOUGH.

Stop convincing yourself that you’ll do all of the things you wanna do “tomorrow” or “later”, cause next thing you know you’re 70 sitting in your chair watching the news and remembering nothing… cause you have nothing to remember. You spent your days thinking and planning for “tomorrow”, and when “tomorrow”…

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