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Loving someone with PTSD

Ever since I made my youtube video ‘How does PTSD affect intimate relationships’, I have had so many of you contact me with questions about how to cope and support your partners. The reality is that it takes a very strong person to love someone who lives with PTSD, as they also live with it… Continue reading Loving someone with PTSD

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The sad truth about why narcissists form relationships

Those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder sadly lack empathy and don’t feel remorse. They are cold, calculating, manipulative and emotionally shallow. Narcissists don’t form relationships with others like healthy people do. They don’t seek out partners to love and share their life with in an equal, loving and respectful way. They see people as objects that… Continue reading The sad truth about why narcissists form relationships

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Working with children who have been abused

Working with children is something that I have very much enjoyed doing on and off for 9 years. After graduating from University 14 years ago, I spent part of my time running my jewellery business and the other part of my time was spent working as a nanny with children aged 3-11 years of age.… Continue reading Working with children who have been abused

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New beginnings & change

Before I talk about today’s topic, I just wanted to remind you that I have released my first PDF course which is aimed at helping you become more assertive and stop your people-pleasing habits. To view the contents of this course, please click the link below: Assertiveness course introduction There are 5 places left for… Continue reading New beginnings & change