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Cognitive Dissonance 

Originally posted on The Box In The Closet:
Thanks to the darling husband, I’ve been able to expand my educational horizon. “Cognitive dissonance is a concept in social psychology. It is the discomfort felt by a person who holds conflicting ideas, beliefs or values…

Anxiety-The thing we all hate but must embrace!

Have you watched the film The Babadook? It is an incredibly powerful horror film that has a very strong psychological message. ****If you haven’t seen it then this might be a spoiler ***** The important thing I want to state before including a quoted… Continue Reading “Anxiety-The thing we all hate but must embrace!”

Mother’s Day when you had an abusive mother

Practicing self-compassion when you didn’t have a nurturing mother is very important. To not feel like celebrating your mother on Mother’s day is completely understandable when she was abusive, overly critical, neglectful & selfish. The same goes for Father’s day or any other major… Continue Reading “Mother’s Day when you had an abusive mother”

Real change sometimes requires patience..

How many times have you found yourself trying something new and giving up after the 1st try? What are your thoughts? Do you make excuses to avoid trying again? Are you embarassed because others witnessed you make a mistake? Or are you one of… Continue Reading “Real change sometimes requires patience..”

Being An Empath Is Beautiful

Originally posted on Silver Girl:
I’m learning that being an empath can be a beautiful thing.. but it means I have to take exceptional care of my emotional, spiritual and physical health in order to be balanced and stay well. It’s taken my lifetime…

Procastination, perfectionism, negative thinking? We all have something we do that makes our life more difficult

Humans are fallible beings and we all have moments where we over-complicate the way we live our lives. It is very difficut to balance our work-family-personal life without getting overwhelmed. There are always those overly boring tasks that we always put off or that… Continue Reading “Procastination, perfectionism, negative thinking? We all have something we do that makes our life more difficult”