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World Mental Health Day

Mental illness has always been a part of my life. Whether it is through my own personal journey, through my family’s or watching friends struggle. Although I haven’t been writing on here much, mental health will always remain a very important cause that I will always talk about. It is crucial for anybody struggling with… Continue reading World Mental Health Day

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High functioning depression

Happy Monday dear friends & followers! After a wonderful 10 days off work, celebrating my birthday with friends and exploring new places with my husband, I am feeling grateful and refreshed. Today’s topic is especially important to me, as someone I care about deeply is currently suffering with this type of depression. Although high functioning… Continue reading High functioning depression

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Avoidant Personality-Video II

In yesterday’s video, I decided to talk about Avoidant Personality in a little more detail, as my first video became very popular in a short amount of time and many viewers reached out to me with questions . In this video I discuss some examples of what avoidance may look like, not only in full… Continue reading Avoidant Personality-Video II

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How does codependency start?

Hello to all of you 🙂 I hope you are all well or at least trying to be. Thank you to those of you who have recently followed my blog and youtube channel.I am very grateful. Tomorrow I have the morning off my German class so will be catching up as much as possible on… Continue reading How does codependency start?

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Happy Friday evening everyone :-)

Can you tell I am ecstatic it’s Friday evening? Well I am..very much so! 🙂 I get to stay in bed tomorrow morning and drink a glass or two of red wine tonight! I get to catch up on my blogging and go for a meal with a friend. I get to spend quality time… Continue reading Happy Friday evening everyone 🙂