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Beauty is in the human spirit..

What do you define as beauty? Beauty for me is a lot of things. Photography and art is beautiful. The gorgeous colours of nature all around us is beautiful. A message of love and comfort is beautiful. The generosity & kindness in people’s eyes is beautiful. The strength & courage of the human spirit is… Continue reading Beauty is in the human spirit..

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Supporting others through adversity the right way

Today’s video is important because it raises awareness on the importance of what we say to others currently facing adversity. When someone is suffering with mental health issues, has just found out some terrible news or is drowning in grief, the last thing they want to hear is what someone thinks they should do in… Continue reading Supporting others through adversity the right way

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Be an inspiration

Dear friends, I am back from my brief holiday in Athens and feel happy to get back into blogging, YouTubing & Coaching. I have a 2nd follow up session with a coachee tomorrow and I am hoping she has managed to make some progress and feels a little better about things. I hope I haven’t… Continue reading Be an inspiration