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How to live with gratitude

Gratitude is a very important tool that most of us don’t use as often as we could. To be grateful for all that we have in our life can bring a certain sense of contentment and peace. Studies have been done, which show that gratitude improves both mental and physical health. Gratitude can reduce feelings… Continue reading How to live with gratitude

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Beauty is in the human spirit..

What do you define as beauty? Beauty for me is a lot of things. Photography and art is beautiful. The gorgeous colours of nature all around us is beautiful. A message of love and comfort is beautiful. The generosity & kindness in people’s eyes is beautiful. The strength & courage of the human spirit is… Continue reading Beauty is in the human spirit..


What 5 things make you the happiest? Practice gratitude

I’m sure there are many things that make you happy. Hot bubble baths, holidays, hugs with your loved one, a favourite pet, a child’s giggle or even indulging in a favourite dessert. If you could only choose 5 things that make you the happiest and that you couldn’t imagine yourself living without, what would those… Continue reading What 5 things make you the happiest? Practice gratitude

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Be an inspiration

Dear friends, I am back from my brief holiday in Athens and feel happy to get back into blogging, YouTubing & Coaching. I have a 2nd follow up session with a coachee tomorrow and I am hoping she has managed to make some progress and feels a little better about things. I hope I haven’t… Continue reading Be an inspiration