1,500 subscribers on youtube!


I always thought that my youtube channel would be for a small audience. I thought that it might get around 100 subscribers and that would be all. I was interested in sharing important information to help others and as well as having this blog, youtube has turned out to be more successful than I had anticipated! The success of it is in the fact that it is reaching so many people and that it is actually helping people suffering from narcissistic abuse feel validated & heard.

Although my blog posts and youtube videos are temporarily on hold, due to not finding the time or energy to create new ones, my appreciation for those of you who follow my work is very much present. My determination to help more people is also still there.

I am currently very busy, with my new puppy, with my work and with keeping everything else in my life in order.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much time left to write or create videos as often as I would like.

Living with CPTSD means that I am absolutely knackered most of the time and my new puppy is definetely adding to my exhaustion, although totally worth it!

This blog post is just to say a big thank you to all my subscribers & followers and to share a photo of my new miniature wirehaired daschund girl Daula.


Love Athina ♥




Thank you for the follows and support!♥

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Sending you all warm wishes for a peaceful and hopeful day. I really appreciate your support of this new page and if there are any topics you would like me to talk about, then let me know in the comments below.

♥ Athina

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