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Working with children who have been abused

Working with children is something that I have very much enjoyed doing on and off for 9 years. After graduating from University 14 years ago, I spent part of my time running my jewellery business and the other part of my time was spent working as a nanny with children aged 3-11 years of age.… Continue reading Working with children who have been abused

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New beginnings & change

Before I talk about today’s topic, I just wanted to remind you that I have released my first PDF course which is aimed at helping you become more assertive and stop your people-pleasing habits. To view the contents of this course, please click the link below: Assertiveness course introduction There are 5 places left for… Continue reading New beginnings & change

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Taking on others’ emotions-Having weak boundaries

When you have grown up in a dysfunctional narcissistic home, taking on others’ emotions becomes the norm. Narcissistic parents teach their children to cater to their feelings & moods and the child learns to ignore their own emotions. A great book which can help you understand whether you have weak emotional boundaries, is by Charles… Continue reading Taking on others’ emotions-Having weak boundaries

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How do we develop ourselves into better human beings? What steps can we take to become wiser, more self-aware and more humble? Self-growth is a topic that I think about a lot and when I am interacting with others in my environment, I feel saddened by the fact that so many people don’t seem to… Continue reading Self-growth

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Giving unsolicited advice-Why do people do it?

When we ask for advice from someone that is very knowledgeable in certain areas or from someone whom we admire, this can be very useful both in the short term and long term. On the other hand, unsolicited advice from close family or even from complete strangers can be an annoying and sometimes insulting behaviour.… Continue reading Giving unsolicited advice-Why do people do it?

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High functioning depression

Happy Monday dear friends & followers! After a wonderful 10 days off work, celebrating my birthday with friends and exploring new places with my husband, I am feeling grateful and refreshed. Today’s topic is especially important to me, as someone I care about deeply is currently suffering with this type of depression. Although high functioning… Continue reading High functioning depression