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World Mental Health Day

Mental illness has always been a part of my life. Whether it is through my own personal journey, through my family’s or watching friends struggle. Although I haven’t been writing on here much, mental health will always remain a very important cause that I will always talk about. It is crucial for anybody struggling with… Continue reading World Mental Health Day

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High functioning depression

Happy Monday dear friends & followers! After a wonderful 10 days off work, celebrating my birthday with friends and exploring new places with my husband, I am feeling grateful and refreshed. Today’s topic is especially important to me, as someone I care about deeply is currently suffering with this type of depression. Although high functioning… Continue reading High functioning depression

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Avoidant Personality-Video II

In yesterday’s video, I decided to talk about Avoidant Personality in a little more detail, as my first video became very popular in a short amount of time and many viewers reached out to me with questions . In this video I discuss some examples of what avoidance may look like, not only in full… Continue reading Avoidant Personality-Video II

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How to live with gratitude

Gratitude is a very important tool that most of us don’t use as often as we could. To be grateful for all that we have in our life can bring a certain sense of contentment and peace. Studies have been done, which show that gratitude improves both mental and physical health. Gratitude can reduce feelings… Continue reading How to live with gratitude