Did your narcissistic parent call you selfish?

Narcissistic mothers, especially the covert type, are experts at projection and will habitually project their own negative emotions onto their children.

Selfishness is one of them.

Many adult children of narcissistic parents will have experienced this in some capacity or their parent may have simply called them something else, such as ‘spoilt’ or ‘too sensitive’.

What is your experience?

How does it feel when your narcissistic mother dies?

When this day finally arrives, the grief process is complicated and is full of contradicting emotions.

Losing a dysfunctional mother can be freeing but can also be devastating.

Watch the video to find out more

Covert narcissist mothers-Using illness as manipulation

Some covert narcissist mothers lie about their child’s health. They present a completely different story to reality, in order to garner sympathy from others. This is a very dangerous type of manipulation. It is also not fair on the child who is suffering because of this type of lying and abuse.

It is important for educators & medical personnel to keep an eye out for this type of mother. If a mother comes across as extremely pushy in a school because she wants her child to be diagnosed with a learning disability, then teachers must tread carefully. This is even more important when a mother is telling doctors her child is sick or mentally ill in any way .

If you have had experience with this, then please reach out and share you story. If you need support, then please reach out to a mental health professional.

Youtube video- Narcissistic mother & son enmeshment

Narcissistic mother & son enmeshment is real and is something that affects many adult sons of narcissistic mothers.

If you feel that your mother is overly controlling towards you, doesn’t allow you to form relationships & is envious of your partner, then you must watch this video to educate yourself on this destructive dynamic.

If you have any questions at all or need support talking about your experience with a mother like this, then please get in touch by emailing me at courageisallyouneed@gmail.com

Love Athina