Child abuse

A poem about Child abuse ❤

my child within


You gave me life

yet took my light

and always thought that you were right.

No matter what

I tried to do

your actions always made me blue.

I needed love

I needed protection

you gave me fear

and constant rejection.

I always wanted to shine my own light

you kept me small and scared of the night..

I yearned for love

I yearned for safety

I wanted a family

to hold me gently.

Instead I found more toxic pain

with men who treated me the same.

Child abuse is very real

you can’t just ‘get over it’

you need to heal.

My Child within

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Author: Courage Coaching

I provide empowerment, empathy & support. I specialise in dealing with dysfunctional relationships, particularly narcissistic abuse & encouraging self-compassion.

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