“At least you got your day in court”

Very powerful post by this incredibly strong lady! It speaks to so many sexual abuse survivors out there, who never got the closure they deserved!

Author: mychildwithin

I mostly write about mental health, narcissistic abuse, complex trauma and the difficult journey of recovery. I want to reduce the stigma of mental health by sharing my own personal experience.

2 thoughts on ““At least you got your day in court””

  1. I understand what she means. But I think that the survivor/victim didn’t get the justice she deserves or the closure. I think she got it only partially. But I understand that this is still way more than most of us (including me) get. Yet I wish the system would change. It shouldn’t be so gruelling for us. And the emphasis was way too much on the “suffering” of the rapist..

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    1. I agree with you.It is so incredibly unfair and the rapist shouldn’t be the focus in regards to the suffering! The victim is always the one who suffers more and deserves respect, compassion and justice!

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