“At least you got your day in court”

Very powerful post by this incredibly strong lady! It speaks to so many sexual abuse survivors out there, who never got the closure they deserved!

Antanika Writes

This morning I opened my facebook and read the letter that the victim of the infamous Brock Allen Turner wrote. Her letter was undeniably powerful. It contained so much power from her pain and bravery, and it showed. She showed strength in her pain.
It was exactly the things sexual assault survivors want to say in exactly the ways we want to say it.
I got to the end and I found myself feeling incredibly proud of her. As I should be.
As we all should be.
But I was also angry and I was ridden with guilt. And not for the reasons I was expecting. Yes, of course I was furious about the whole situation.
But I was angry and I felt guilty because I will never be able to read a letter like that in a court. I was furious that my abuser will never stand across from…

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2 thoughts on ““At least you got your day in court”

  1. I understand what she means. But I think that the survivor/victim didn’t get the justice she deserves or the closure. I think she got it only partially. But I understand that this is still way more than most of us (including me) get. Yet I wish the system would change. It shouldn’t be so gruelling for us. And the emphasis was way too much on the “suffering” of the rapist..

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