I am reblogging this post by fellow blogger Everydaylife, as it encapsulates exactly what I and so many others are feeling after the results of the US elections.
I was already disheartened by the Brexit vote this year. With my half Scottish/half Greek background and with friends & family from all backgrounds, ethnicities and sexuality, this is truly sickening. Trump being President feels like a nightmare! How can people vote for such a Malignant narcissist?

Anaida Sultana

I am making this post not as a nationalist, feminist or secularist but in generally as a HUMAN.

I am a 21-year-old young woman who has been educated all her life that respect is the most vital part of life, that without honest hard work or integrity nothing of worth can be truly achieved. I have also been taught that looking down upon people: women and the disabled ones especially (and men too) will not earn me anything except contempt from other people because it is downright cruel and unacceptable. I did not question any of these things that were taught to me, I accepted and imbibed them into my system because not just because they were popular beliefs or so but, because I resonated with them as well- respect, not looking down upon people and the likes of it.

 Similarly, growing up, everyone gets educated about these fundamental qualities…

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