Venture beyond the familiar

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Growth happens when we leave our comfort zone.

It is important to take baby steps outside our familiar surroundings, routines & hobbies in order to experience a new part of ourselves in the newness of the unknown.

The unknown can sometimes surprise us, so if you can be brave enough to take a chance on something new, then do it.

Love Athina ♥

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Author: Courage Coaching

I provide empowerment, empathy & support. I specialise in dealing with dysfunctional relationships, particularly narcissistic abuse & encouraging self-compassion.

9 thoughts on “Venture beyond the familiar”

  1. Thank you for posting this. Now this may sound odd but right now just going to the store makes me proud because that is out of my comfort zone. Ive had panic attacks in trying to do so but when I can actually succeed I am so proud.


  2. This year has thrown me out of my comfort zone is so many ways. I’m still not even sure exactly where I am, and my life feels all over the place and unfamiliar (in both good and bad ways)… But I know I’ll get there. 🙂


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