Video on PTSD related Insomnia

This is my 2nd video from my Q & A video series. My followers, viewers & subscribers ask the questions and I answer to the best of my knowledge with a video.

I really hope that this video is useful to those of you who suffer from insomnia in general and I hope it also provides a little more insight for those of you who have specific PTSD related Insomnia.

PTSD related insomnia is a very tough symptom to tackle and is usually managed with a combination of anti-depressants, the short term use of sedatives and talking therapy( all under the watchful eye of a psychotherapist or psychiatrist).

Love Athina ♥

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5 thoughts on “Video on PTSD related Insomnia”

  1. Hey darling! This is a great video…I agree with lots of what you’ve said. The only thing slightly different in my experience is that I actually handle my flashbacks better now I bring my technology to bed with me. The reason being when I start to get flashbacks I ground myself by getting my phone and reading nice messages I’ve got from people or distracting myself with innane stuff on my Facebook feed. Having a supply of nice enriching messages or distractions that have nothing to do with my past helps me. My attention moves away from my childhood and it brings me into the here and now, the adult me 🙂 *hugs*


    1. Thanks for sharing this hun! I understand this completely as have done it myself..However, the distraction actually stops some people from getting to sleep (I have also found this)..So it is always down to personal experience & preference..For flashbacks, grounding comes in so many different forms luckily, with going online being one of them. Hugs x

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  2. Thank you Athina! I am most definitely going to try some of these that I have not tried before! I am desperate for sleep to say the least at this point. It also made a lot of sense to me on why my body would be so hyper vigilant at night since the majority of my abuse happened at night. It’s crazy how the body remembers and wants to keep me safe. But thank you thank you thank you! I appreciate this!

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