Covert narcissism-The hidden narcissist

Today’s post and youtube video is about the more hidden type of narcissism known as covert narcissism.

I know how destructive this type of narcissism can be from personal experience and I believe that more people need to be aware that covert narcissists sometimes hide behind a mask of generosity, fake empathy and self-sacrifice.

They walk among us more often than anyone realises and they can be doctors, healthcare workers and psychologists.

Covert means: not openly acknowledged or displayed, concealed or hidden

If you find the video or this post useful please feel free to comment, like & share it with anyone who might benefit.

Love Athina ♥

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Author: Courage Coaching

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7 thoughts on “Covert narcissism-The hidden narcissist”

  1. The prevalence of covert narcissists (and other ‘quiet’ types), is certainly rather unsettling. I’m really glad you shared this… shining a light where it’s needed!
    Thank you for an excellent video Athina. 🙂


  2. Thank you for making this video. I know that I grew up with these kinds of behaviours. One problem with anxiety is that it gets me stuck inside my own head in a self-absorbed way, worrying about the effect I have others to the point that I am so preoccupied with myself, my problems, and my behaviour, that I cannot truly care for others or behave in ways that are positive for them. (From Steppenwolf: As for others and the world around him he never ceased in his heroic and ernest endeavour to love them, to be just to them, to do them no harm, for the love of his neighbour was as strongly forced upon him as the hatred of himself, and so his whole life was an example that love of one’s neighbour is not possible without love of oneself, and that self-hate is really the same thing as sheer egoism, and in the long run breeds the same cruel isolation and despair.) I didn’t really have a cogent point to make here: I think I feel dangerously close to the line of covert narcissism at times, or, perhaps, to something similarly self-absorbed that would not necessarily take this form (but feel free to say it would!). Many thanks for considering my comment!


    1. Your comments are always welcome..I think that the fact that you worry that you may be dangerously close to covert narcissism, tells me that you are willing to look inside yourself and at your own flaws. A covert narcissist wouldn’t do that. It might just be that you are just quite deep in your own journey of self-discovery or healing, that you just aren’t able to care for others at the moment..The fact that you are aware of this once again tells me that you don’t have anything to worry about..hugs to you!


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