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Grief is a huge part of life and yet a very painful one. We all experience it and for some people grief can be an even bigger part of their lives than for others.

Grief can be about so many things, not just the death of a person.

Every new beginning means that there was also an ending and every ending can leave a trail of grief. Grief can be experienced at the end of a relationship, the end of a job, leaving the town you grew up in, saying goodbye to friends or family, saying goodbye to a beloved pet or business or even saying goodbye to life as a single person.

What are your experiences with grief?

Love Athina ♥

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One thought on “Grief”

  1. I believe grief can rip your heart open and its a symptom of how much you loved and also of what was lost. The empty space can feel void like at first but I do believe that grief is also an ocean that contains tears as well that we shed as part of the grieving process. However I feel our grief process can be thwarted if others don’t help us to express it. In time I believe the grief changes in some form but it is always with you. This is just my experience. If we truly love we are going to grieve as grief attends all endings or losses, most especially those endings of things we were deeply attached to and loved. ❤

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