The importance of having a back-up plan

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Love Athina ♥

4 Comments on “The importance of having a back-up plan

  1. My back up plan moved away!!!!
    She just called tonight and said she is not coming back. It was supposed to be just for a short time. She is my go to girl, my friend, confidant, only person in my life that uses no fabric softener and I can be around without scented candles marking me throw up later. And she’s gone. How ever will I find a new back up plan!!!


    • Awww no! How sad! 😦 I hope in time that you are able to find a new back up plan (friend). My back up plans (or friends) live in different countries, so I haven’t had a true friend other than my husband. Moving around makes it hard to have close friends nearby. xx


      • Same! My husband is it! And then her and she moved so I’m feeling vulnerable and I really don’t like feeling vulnerable. If I didn’t have the muscle disease it would be different. But I do. I do have many friends in far away places and they give great connection and emotional support but having a presence is something that I Really need. Back up plan needed !


      • I completely understand the vulnerability you must be feeling..It is always best indeed to have a good support network..I really hope that you manage to find someone. Many hugs to you ❤

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