4 thoughts on “The importance of having a back-up plan

  1. My back up plan moved away!!!!
    She just called tonight and said she is not coming back. It was supposed to be just for a short time. She is my go to girl, my friend, confidant, only person in my life that uses no fabric softener and I can be around without scented candles marking me throw up later. And she’s gone. How ever will I find a new back up plan!!!


    1. Awww no! How sad! 😦 I hope in time that you are able to find a new back up plan (friend). My back up plans (or friends) live in different countries, so I haven’t had a true friend other than my husband. Moving around makes it hard to have close friends nearby. xx


      1. Same! My husband is it! And then her and she moved so I’m feeling vulnerable and I really don’t like feeling vulnerable. If I didn’t have the muscle disease it would be different. But I do. I do have many friends in far away places and they give great connection and emotional support but having a presence is something that I Really need. Back up plan needed !


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