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Today is International World Peace Day. This highlights the destruction that war is currently causing all around the world even more and I feel deeply saddened that things are the way they are. Humans will never learn from their mistakes and greed & power seem to always take the forefront unfortunately.

So what can we do in this ever changing world of destruction, mass murder & grief?

We can’t seem to stop the war & voilence, as world leaders always have the last say in what happens..We can’t always prevent bad things from happening  but we can make a small difference by being kind to others. We can help someone in need & offer them some comfort.

Sometimes people don’t want to or can’t ask for help. They may feel too embarassed, too isolated, too scared. They might be so traumatised that they can’t even speak. They might have learnt the hard way that you can’t trust anyone because they have always been let down.

I have been in a position of vulnerability many times in my life. I used to be someone who was too afraid to trust others. I used to be someone who was too afraid to ask for support. I thought I was a burden because I was made to believe that I was.

How many of you give money to a beggar on the street? How many of you help the homeless? How many of you contribute to bettering the world in some small way by maybe helping the refugees or protecting familes from domestic violence?

I’d love to hear your experiences.

I personally, don’t always give money to the homeless or to beggars. Here in Europe, I know that there are a lot of people who are made to beg for money but don’t get to keep it. Their gang leader keeps it.What I try and do instead is give people items that provide some comfort. A scarf, some food, a hot drink etc..

I also aspire to work in areas where I support others. I am currently looking after a little boy who has a single mother. My heart goes out to them both.I only found out recently that the mother is being emotionally abused by the father of the boy, who is telling her he will turn up on their doorstep after 2 years of ignoring the child. He lies to her and makes threats. I have promised to support her if she needs me. She has asked me to entertain the wee boy at the moment, in case things get akward. This little boy doesn’t even remember his Dad. He has only just turned 4 and it is a delicate matter.

Helping out this small family is my way of giving back to the world and supporting others. I want to care for others, as I know what it feels like to not be cared for. Nobody should feel that way.Nobody should have to feel scared and alone.

Love Athina ♥

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10 thoughts on “Be there for someone”

  1. I regrettably have to say that at this time I am not helping anyone. I’d love to get to that point in life where I can though. I hope someday I am able to.


  2. Last weekend, I was approached by a 19 year old girl who was stranded and had no money. On the one hand, I felt like I couldn’t help because of my own financial situation, on another hand, I was worried that she would use it to feed an addiction. Then I decided, it’s not my place to judge anyone…someone asked me for help, and I’m capable. So, I gave her the $20 bill I had in my pocket and offered to give her a ride anyplace she needed to go. She turned down the ride, but accepted the money. I simply hope she has found somewhat to find comfort in this difficult world (And I hope I don’t seem to shameless giving a plug for myself).
    I can only do what I can, and maybe sometime in the future someone can help me.


  3. Knowing that giving money doesn’t solve homelessness, I began volunteering every Sunday morning by help preparing a breakfast for homeless people at a local soup kitchen. Without quality food in their stomachs, people will not function properly, they will not find hope and they will not get strength. If throwing money at homeless people would work, don’t you think we would have done that already (in some cases we already do with social programs). What people need is hope, people helping people, not charity. When someone feels the connection to another human, they feel that connection. Our world needs more connection. Great post! I wish you the best today! 🙂

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