Trauma is a loss, so it must be grieved

Trauma happens to all of us..We all go through life with a few small traumas. Most of the time, small traumas or small losses don’t leave emotional scars. We just keep going and adjust to whatever life throws at us.

If on the other hand, the trauma or loss we suffer is profound, then this means that we will be more deeply affected by it and will need longer to overcome it or learn to live with the affects.

In this video, I touch on the importance of grief and the 3 main stages of grief you go through when dealing with a major loss or trauma.

Love ♥ Athina

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Author: Courage Coaching

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4 thoughts on “Trauma is a loss, so it must be grieved”

  1. This is another wonderful post, thank you. I am in the grieving process now of what I missed out on in my past and the lack of a loving family. I guess I’m actually grieving the past and the present because everything I am dealing with now makes me so so sad as well.


  2. Hi Athina. Thanks for this video. I have a question. Is it possible to have pushed away certain things to such an extent that every time when it would come up in my mind, I’d pretend it wasn’t real, and then only years later, many years later actually, to have it suddenly hit me in a big way… As if it has JUST happened?


    1. I think it might be possible..They would come back as a flashback..I think it depends a little bit about whether these things were traumatic or not..The mind works in many ways to conceal trauma..I am not a psychologist but I have heard of people experience this through other blogs I have read..x


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