4 tips before going ‘No contact’ with a narcissistic parent

If you are currently considering ‘No contact’ with a narcissistic parent, then this video might be helpful.

Love Athina ♥

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I provide empowerment, empathy & support. I specialise in dealing with dysfunctional relationships, particularly narcissistic abuse & encouraging self-compassion.

9 thoughts on “4 tips before going ‘No contact’ with a narcissistic parent”

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    For those of you considering going ‘No contact’ with a narcissistic parent, this video might be useful to you. I list a few important points to consider, so you can practice the best sort of self-care by going ‘No contact’ in a healthier way. Love Athina x


  2. These are wonderful tips Athina. It was imperative for mine and my sibling’s mental health that we went no contact with our parent. We all did it at different times in our lives, but now the four of us have no contact with them. It’s a difficult decision. You brought up some wonderful things to think about and explore before making such a drastic decision. Great job as usual! 🙂 Alexis

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  3. You are right it is a very hard decision to make. I made that decision and still wonder if it was the right move. I have no choice now as they passed away.


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