Approval seeking

Approval seeking is a very common behaviour that all of us are guilty of at some point in our life. It might be that we are trying to impress someone we like, make a new friend or make a good impression on our new boss. It is perfectly normal to seek approval in others occasionally.

Approval seeking only becomes a problem when we do it chronically. When we constantly seek to be validated externally because we don’t feel comfortable to accept ourselves as we are.

This is the topic of today’s video, which I felt was very important for those of you who are people-pleasers and/or codependents.

Love Athina ♥

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15 thoughts on “Approval seeking”

  1. my friend from here to the end
    you will
    see that your woman to my m an
    is equal but different
    noone will approve
    of me
    and i see
    i say i do n ot care
    but the laughter
    and disdain
    at my expense
    has taken both
    a toll on m e
    and my sons


  2. Great post and video. It can be very exhausting to be around people who need constant validation. No matter how much you try to mirror how awesome they are, it just doesn’t land when there isn’t room to hear it. Great insight and suggestions…as usual! xx


  3. Excellent video-post, delivered with directness & gentility.
    I think I (largely) got to grips with my own tendency to people-please a few years ago, but self-awareness is still required to guard against it recurring whenever anxiety affects my self-confidence!

    Keep up the good work, Athina — and, in my opinion, 10 minutes is a very good length for a video: lots of information but not too much to take in. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I do always wonder whether my videos are too long! People-pleasing/approval seeking is a tough habit to break and it is only natural to sometimes fall into doing it again.I am guilty of it as well! 🙂

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      1. You’re most welcome: I suppose there’s the option of the occasional 5-minute video, but the problem is that you leave out important content!
        There’s a (sort of!) positive in being a wee bit guilty of it yourself; it was very good how you acknowledged how hard it is to break the habit: I think that, sometimes, professionals can appear to be aloof/superior about such things but you gave it the personal touch. 🙂
        Have a lovely day — and thanks again. 🙂


      2. Almost everything I talk about in my videos and website/blog are things I have experienced as well. I could never consider myself as superior to anyone in the slightest. I wouldn’t feel comfortable.I am a true believer however on educating others when you have personal experience in certain areas. This creates a deeper level of understanding & empathy! Wishing you a great day too 🙂

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  4. Yet another great post that I can relate too. I feel like Im constantly looking for approval from anyone to be honest.


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