Intolerance to vulnerability is NOT OK!

Intolerance to vulnerability is everywhere.

Dysfunctional homes have this at their core.Children don’t feel safe to express emotions of sadness or pain..Children are taught that it is not ok to have sad or angry emotions..that they will be a burden if they dare to express these emotions..

This is not acceptable..This is emotional abuse..

Physical vulnerability is different to emotional vulnerability..When someone is physically disabled or physically ill, he/she seems to have more understanding from others..because you can see his/her illness physically..When a disability is emotional or mental however, people are quicker to dismiss it..This is where the stigma of mental illness comes in..Every single person out there with a mental disorder, is vulnerable..If they suffer with anxiety or depression, this makes them vulnerable..Just as much as someone who has a heart condition, or cancer or any other condition..

A vulnerable person is someone who struggles with day to day life.

Vulnerability refers to the inability to withstand the effects of a hostile environment (

People with mental illness frequently become vulnerable and easy targets of physical and mental abuse.

People with mental illness can have poor boundaries, emotional dysregulation and many other extremely debilitating symptoms. They deserve the same compassion as those with obvious physical disabilities. They deserve the right to be able to talk about their struggles.

Love ♥ Athina

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4 thoughts on “Intolerance to vulnerability is NOT OK!”

  1. I was raised in a home where feelings were not ok. Therefore I learned how to not feel. This eventually began to erupt into anger as I grew. And then I was called over dramatic, hot headed, and too intense. I have been abused physically as well and for me the emotional abuse was/is far worse. I now have great difficulty being vulnerably even in a positive setting.


    1. I am very sorry for your experiences. I can relate greatly to the emotional abuse being more debilitating..This type of ‘programming’ takes a lot of hard work to change but it is possible. I wish you more vulnerability in the future and a greater sense of self-acceptance and self-compassion.

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