September 10th-World Suicide Prevention Day


Courage is..

Today, I am dedicating this blog post to my dear friend and incredibly inspiring fellow blogger Imany!


She is one of the bravest people I have met through this wonderful blogging community, who has suffered the worst type of abuse (SRA) by her own parents and yet still has the courage and love to spread her inner warrior vibes to the rest of the blogging community.

When I read her posts, I feel like a happy bouncy pea..Just like the one below 🙂

She is bubbly, chatty, funny, genuine, encouraging, caring & extremely talented in her blog writing.

Despite her incredibly unfair childhood, I am pretty sure she was put on this earth to do amazing things..and she already is..Spreading love, encouragement, positivity and suicide awareness with this hashtag # go fix ..

I am sending her hap-pea vibes, as I know she will soon be ‘Hap-pea’ again!giphypeaand just to be sure…Imani…I am sending you many, many cyber hugs to help you feel a little better! You are loved ❤


Love Athina ♥