Trauma bonding

Trauma bonding is the reason people choose abusive partners time and time again.

Trauma bonding is also known as Stockholm syndrome, something that is mentioned a lot when someone has been abducted.

Trauma bonding is something that starts in a person’s childhood, if they have suffered abuse or neglect.

If you are someone who keeps choosing emotionally unavailable partners or abusive partners, then this is why.

Love Athina ♥

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3 thoughts on “Trauma bonding”

  1. Thanks for the video Athina. Helps to put some pieces in perspective. I met a normal guy once and kept telling him we didn’t “fit”. I didn’t know why at the time and have recently had my suspicions, and now your video has confirmed it for me

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    1. You very welcome lovely! Struggling to relate with healthy people is so common with those of us with traumatic and abusive childhoods. I really believe that this is the greatest obstacle in moving forward with a healty partnership. Even if there is an attraction, the personality doesn’t feel like it fits. That is how I felt initially with my husband..I kept going on dates with him (despite several anxious moments) and now I am used to the stability and comfort..It took time to push through the unfamiliar feelings but it is possible. I really wish the same for you. xx

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