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Question & Answer- YouTube videos

Today I am starting off my series of Q & A videos, where my viewers and subscribers are able to get their questions answered by me, in a video each week. Please feel free to ask me questions on the following topics: Complex PTSD Narcissistic abuse Dysfunctional relatioships Negative thinking Dealing with emotional flashbacks Anxiety… Continue reading Question & Answer- YouTube videos

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2nd Video on emotional flashbacks

Hello fellow bloggers & friends, I hope you had a good weekend and have started your week with hope in your heart. I have been unusually busy over the last week, as hubby has been on holiday from work. My mornings have been completely transformed from work & ‘me’ time, to long breakfasts and lots… Continue reading 2nd Video on emotional flashbacks

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Low self-esteem & emotional flashbacks

Healthy self-esteem is essential for good psychological survival. It enables us to feel more fulfilled and secure in our choices, career paths and relationships. When this is lacking however and also goes unchecked, it may lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, sometimes with tragic results. Perhaps the most well known effect… Continue reading Low self-esteem & emotional flashbacks

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Child abuse, Complex PTSD & managing emotional flashbacks

****Please share & re-blog this post to help as many others as possible**** This blog post might be useful to anybody out there who suffers with Complex PTSD, who has suffered from childhood abuse or who has a loved one who suffers with a mental illness. I have created the below charts to assist those… Continue reading Child abuse, Complex PTSD & managing emotional flashbacks