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Breaking the cycle of your childhood abuse-Start being kind to yourself

Of course it isn’t as simple as the 4 things written in the photo but it is definetely true that in order to break the horrible pattern of abuse from your childhood, you have to stop abusing yourself. YOU hold the answers to how…

Tips on forming a healthy relationship after you’ve experienced an emotionally abusive one

It can be quite worrying to think about a new relationship especially if the previous one was emotionally scarring for you. Emotional abuse in an intimate relationship can erode you self-esteem, your trust and your ability to believe in the possibility of healthy love….

Mother’s Day when you had an abusive mother

Practicing self-compassion when you didn’t have a nurturing mother is very important. To not feel like celebrating your mother on Mother’s day is completely understandable when she was abusive, overly critical, neglectful & selfish. The same goes for Father’s day or any other major…